Analytics for retail and shopping centres

Thanks to analytical tools, we will ensure continuous monitoring of goods, people and work efficiency. We will then use the collected data through analyzes to implement more efficient and economical building management.

Footfall and tracing of persons

Get an overview of the current number of persons in the building and get to know your visitors even closer. When entering the building, our smart cameras record each person, evaluate their demographic data and accurately calculate how many people came in a certain period of time. We store the data carefully and use it for your feedback and statistics generation.

Heatmaps and customer behaviour

Do you want to know what places are the most interesting for your visitors? How to optimize the placement of shelves and identify "dead zones"? Heatmaps help you reveal your customers ' buying behaviour and give you a perfect overview of where they most often move.

Reporting of collected data

Using cameras and smart sensors, we can collect the necessary data. Subsequently, through analysis, the data will help to achieve more efficient and economical management of the building. Based on the analysis, we are able to provide you with optimization of existing technical equipment, for example, to warn about malfunctions or help with energy consumption planning.

Monitoring of work efficiency and working procedures

How to increase profitability, work efficiency and at the same time protect the sensitive data of your company at the maximum level? We will optimize your workflow process and provide the most efficient solution of management and oversight.


We can generate the exact statistics on the number of visitors entering individual stores inside shopping centres. We store this data carefully, and you get an accurate indication of the number of customers that stores provide to the SC for calculating the rental price of individual business units. 

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