Security for industry and logistics

Through M2C Space, we are able to provide comprehensive security for your assets. Thanks to remote supervision, it is possible to prevent external and internal crime, ensure 24/7 supervision and control compliance with all safety regulations.

Remote object protection

Do you want to save funds for night security? Through the Space surveillance centre, we will remotely supervise your facility. In case of an incident, we will immediately resolve the crises or call a fast deployment service to solve the problem within a few minutes.

Automatic reception

Looking for a way to speed up the administration of visits at the reception and save costs? Our e-reception replaces the current physical receptionist and can fully process the visit, advise orientation around the area, connect with the helpdesk of M2C Space and provide other services directly tailored to your needs. Get a perfect overview of the visit records.

Detection of internal or external criminality

Security threats come from outside and inside the company. We will provide you with adequate technical security, so that you are no longer surprised by any theft in warehouses, logistics or production. On average, we save the client 30% of the cost of property depreciation.

Control of OHS, PE and FP

We will take over the control of compliance with occupational health and safety and all safety regulations, such as fire protection or the use of protective equipment. With the help of artificial intelligence and sophisticated cameras.

Active response centre (ARC AND V-ARC)

We will connect your object to the active response centre. You will get a perfect overview of the course of events in real-time, including video recordings and retroactive assessment in case of various events that may surprise you.

Protection of lone workers

Have you heard about the Inspect 2 personal bodyguard? He will watch a lone worker for you and trigger an alert in case of falling, immobility or entering a dangerous area.

Do not hesitate to contact us

Are you interested in the Space system? We will gladly create a solution tailored to your needs.
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