Maintenance for industry and logistics

We have developed technologies that facilitate traffic management, including monitoring, metrics and subsequent optimization, thanks to which we will provide you with more efficient processes and cost savings.

Predictive object maintenance

Do you want to catch emergencies and crises in time? In the field of measurement and regulation (MaR), we provide remote management of systems. We manage the connection of flood sensors, thermal and water sensors or other IoT technologies. We will ensure the proper functioning of the entrances and elevators. We will help to set effective energy consumption based on data collection. We will take over the operation of your object and detect a potential malfunction or problem in time. You will save costs for damage caused by a possible accident.

Process automation

Do you find your logistical or operational processes long, inefficient and even too costly? Contact us for a non-binding analysis and evaluation of your operating savings.

Monitoring of parking

Need a better overview of parking space occupancy? Navigate the driver to vacancies without the need for an employee present? Our technology allows not only more efficient security of parked vehicles but also a way to better use existing parking spaces. In case of incidents, also the possibility of reading license plates and active cooperation with the police forces.

Traffic monitoring

Through camera systems, we ensure smooth operation and monitoring of traffic situation in your object. By this, we will prevent unnecessary traffic collisions and manage undisciplined drivers and their parking in no-parking zones, or when blocking fire platforms and hydrants.

Monitoring of waste management

Smart sensors can use the collected data to monitor and predict the filling of containers of all types and sizes. Thanks to this, we will help you to efficiently manage the automated planning of waste collection and optimize routes. In addition, a mobile application with route navigation is available for truck drivers.

Inspection of service organizations

In the comfort and remotely, it is possible to remotely monitor and control the cleaning and security of the object, including the services of your contractors. 

Access automation

Our automated sensors will help you to ensure the safety and comfort of entrances to objects. You will get a perfect overview of what is happening on your property. From one place, the remote control is possible for the barriers, entrance gates, shutters and carousels.

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