Analytics for commercial buildings and hotels

Thanks to analytical tools, we will ensure continuous monitoring of goods, people and work efficiency. We will then use the collected data through analyzes to implement more efficient and economical building management.

Personal movement monitoring

Do you need a better overview of the behavior and movement of people in your building? Using technology, we collect the necessary data to help optimize the operation of the building. We are able to ensure compliance with spacing, control the use of respirators and monitor places where large numbers of visitors congregate, such as relaxation zones or lobby / reception areas. We will ensure the elimination of these areas and compliance with all safety regulations. Our dispatcher will warn you of unusual situations and provide assistance, for example, in cases of possible evacuation of the building.

Reporting of collected data

Using cameras and smart sensors, we can collect the necessary data. Subsequently, through analysis, the data will help to achieve more efficient and economical management of the building. Based on the analysis, we are able to provide you with optimization of existing technical equipment, for example, to warn about malfunctions or help with energy consumption planning.

Monitoring of work efficiency and working procedures

How to increase profitability, work efficiency and at the same time protect the sensitive data of your company at the maximum level? We will optimize your workflow process and provide the most efficient solution of management and oversight.

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